WA Geology — geology mapping app for mobile devices 26 May 2015

GSWA has released a mobile web application called WA Geology. The WA Geology application is a free, device-independent Geographical Information Systems (GIS) viewer which provides viewing, querying and integration of a wide range of Western Australian geoscience and resource datasets via mobile phones and tablets.

This information includes:

  • Recently updated 1:500 000 State interpreted bedrock geology
  • Mines and mineral deposits, major resources projects, petroleum licences and wells and mining tenements
  • Location of key infrastructure such as towns and roads
  • Various statewide image datasets including geophysics, geology and topography

The viewing tool is based on the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 framework. HTML5 markup language provides wide-ranging browser support making the application device independent. The Stage 1 release provides a URL connection that can be copied and pasted into the mobile device web browser and will permit viewing of the datasets while connected to a network. Stage 2 will enable the caching of datasets to enable viewing while offline.

Most mobile devices support location information via inbuilt GPS functionality, which combined with WA Geology’s geoscience and resource information, makes your mobile device a valuable accessory for geology and land-use mapping. Other tools include:

  • Identifying — identify a point or an area of interest to get a report containing descriptions for all selected features intersecting that point or contained in that area;
  • Measuring — measure an area or distance. Select the units for distance and area measurements. To measure a distance, tap the screen. This gives the distance for a path. To finish, double tap on the screen. Measure an area by tapping on the screen to form the area. To close the area, double tap on the screen;
  • Drawing — the Drawing tools function allows the user to draw points, lines, polygons and text on the screen; and
  • Printing — print the map as it is displayed. The final map is sent to your mobile device as a PDF. This can then be saved to the mobile device storage, or emailed to a third party

WA Geology provides a new means of delivering the State’s geoscience and resource information.

A familiarity with your mobile device is presumed. No specific GIS or database knowledge is required.

There is no app to download. Cut and paste the URL <wageology.dmp.wa.gov.au/wageology> into your mobile device web browser or visit the WA Geology web page (www.dmp.wa.gov.au/wageology).

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