Call for Nominations – WA State Acreage Release 2017 Richard Bruce, DMP, WA, 23 Dec 2016

Industry stakeholders are invited to nominate vacant areas to be considered for release as part of the 2017 Western Australia Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release (WA Acreage Release).

The nomination period for the 2017 acreage release will close on 1 January 2017. Late nominations will not be considered.

The WA Acreage Release is key to the WA government’s strategy for promotion of petroleum exploration in the State. It provides explorers with new opportunities to invest in the oil and gas sector and enables industry to undertake longer term planning to support the ongoing investment in, and development of, Western Australia’s onshore and State Waters petroleum exploration.

This year, the department is calling for industry nominations of currently vacant acreage, which WA DMP will assess in consideration for future release. The nomination of an area does not guarantee its inclusion in the acreage release. WA DMP will, however, take into account such factors as:

  • Level of industry interest in exploring the area

  • Previous interest and exploration in the nominated area

  • Conservation estates and other environmental considerations

  • Native title considerations

  • New data or geologic knowledge affecting increased prospectivity of the area

  • Ongoing pre-competitive studies by the Geological Survey of Western Australia or Geoscience Australia, as it is recommended to allow such data collection to conclude prior to the release of acreage.

Should an area nominated by a stakeholder be included in the acreage release package, there is no obligation on that stakeholder to place a bid on the area.

Please email your nominations by 1 January 2017 to All areas nominated for consideration should include draft maps and will, of course, be considered confidential.

Licensing Rounds

Western Australian Petroelum Acreage Release Round 1 of 2016

Release announced at DMP Petroleum Open Day in September 2016, and currently online.

Onshore Canning Basin – Lennard Shelf and platform areas
Onshore Officer Basin
(work program bids close 9 March 2017).

For further information visit

Release information includes prospectivity of release areas and of relevant basins, available data listings, new bid assessment guidelines, land access and environment considerations, schedule of fees, and how to make a valid application for an Exploration Permit.

Western Australian

Petroelum Acreage Release Round 1 of 2017

Proposed release of acreage in the Canning Basin to be announced at 2017 APPEA Conference, Perth, Information goes live on release date 16 May 2017 - visit

(work program bids close 10 August 2017).

Western Australian Geothermal Acreage

Companies may apply at any time via a Geothermal Special Prospecting Authority with an Acreage Option.

Further Information

Should you require any further information or assistance, please contact DMP’s Petroleum Division or the Geological Survey of Western Australia. All enquiries will be dealt with in strictest confidence.

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