Schlumberger Launches New Fluid Mapping-While-Drilling Service 5 May 2017

Schlumberger has launched the new SpectraSphere fluid mapping-while-drilling service at the 2017 Offshore Technology Conference.

The service is the industry’s first to deliver downhole fluid composition during drilling with real-time pressure measurements-while-drilling. Applicable in a variety of environments, from exploration wells to highly deviated development wells, Schlumberger states that SpectraSphere lowers risks associated with fluid analysis and sampling operations while enhancing well placement, maximising reservoir contact and ultimately boosting future production.

“Understanding the parameters of the reservoir in real time is critical for all our customers during all stages of field development,” said Richard Brown, President, Drilling & Measurements, Schlumberger. “The SpectraSphere service enables customers to obtain laboratory-quality fluid analysis while drilling, which reduces the overall cost of operations and risks associated with conventional fluid analysis.”

The SpectraSphere service is the industry’s only service to enable real-time fluid mapping by providing critical fluid properties, including fluid composition, fluid typing, fluid fractions and gas/oil ratio while drilling. The reliable characterisation of these properties is essential for estimating reserves, optimising completions, designing surface facilities and meeting production goals.

The service has been field tested in the Gulf of Mexico, Middle East, Africa, the North Sea and offshore Malaysia.

For more information about the SpectraSphere fluid mapping-while-drilling service, visit

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