Xanadu-1 drilling commences Martin Kovacs, 5 Sep 2017

Norwest Energy has reported that drilling of the Xanadu-1 conventional oil exploration well in TP/15 in the Western Australian northern Perth Basin has commenced.

Xanadu-1 will be drilled to a planned maximum total depth of approximately 1,863 m MDRT, with it forecast to take approximately 23 days to complete, Norwest advised, with it being drilled from onshore to offshore using a deviated well profile, with the target beneath shallow water, approximately 1.3 km from the coastline.

“I am thrilled that we have now spudded the Xanadu-1 well,” Norwest CEO Shelley Robertson commented.

“The accelerated commencement of drilling is due to our dedicated and experienced technical team from Aztech Well Completions, and the equally experienced Enerdrill Rig-3 crew. This is the same combination that recently completed the highly successful Waitsia-3 and Waitsia-4 drilling program for AWE.

“Along with our JV partners, we are very pleased that drilling has now commenced, and look forward to successful results over the coming few weeks.”

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