Norwest encouraged by Xanadu-1 progress, hydrocarbons encountered Martin Kovacs, 18 Sep 2017

Norwest Energy, operator of TP/15 in the Western Australian northern Perth Basin, has advised that the Xanadu-1 well “has intersected hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs, demonstrated by elevated gas readings, oil shows, fluorescence and cut fluorescence whilst drilling reservoir sections”.

With Xanadu-1 having reached total depth at 2,035 m MDRT – with the joint venture having agreed to extend drilling beyond the base of the High Cliff Sandstone to include the deeper sandstones of the Holmwood Shale – Norwest stated that the drilling results have provided the joint venture “sufficient encouragement” to commit to running a wireline logging suite, including pressure testing and fluid sampling.

A 7-inch casing string is en route to site, so that in the event that logging results are positive, Xanadu-1 will be cased and suspended in preparation for an extended well test, following completion of planning and approvals, Norwest stated.

“I am extremely pleased to have these early positive indicators of hydrocarbons encountered during the drilling of Xanadu-1,” Norwest CEO Shelley Robertson commented. “Although further evaluation is required to understand the full potential, these are excellent first results. It’s been a while in the making, and now we have drilled the well – what a fabulous achievement.

“I look forward to the program ahead, and would like to thank the team involved in getting us to this point – Aztech Well Construction, Enerdrill and my team at Norwest, our joint venture partners, and our shareholders that have supported us in reaching this significant milestone. Thank you to all.”

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