Sercel launches GeoTag underwater positioning solution 19 Oct 2015

CGG has announced that Sercel has launched GeoTag, an acoustic positioning solution for seabed seismic acquisition.

GeoTag can be used to accurately position all types of Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC), Ocean Bottom Node and Transition Zone cable systems for seabed seismic surveys in water depths down to 500 m.

CGG states that GeoTag is a highly flexible and reliable solution which operates with the smallest acoustic positioning transponder available on the market. “The transponders are attached to the seabed seismic equipment and interrogated by a vessel-based transceiver”, said CGG.

“GeoTag’s unique design allows for rapid maintenance such as battery replacement for improved crew efficiency. The transponders can also be stored on a reel and deployed mechanically when used with OBC systems, for seamless and cost-effective operations.

“GeoTag is fully scalable for use on small to large seabed crews deploying up to 10,000 acoustic positioning devices.”

Pascal Rouiller, Sercel CEO, said that GeoTag answers the need in the industry for more accurate positioning of seabed seismic equipment, particularly for 4D operations.

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