Sea Explorer Underwater Autonomous Glider 9 Jun 2016

Subjunctive Geo Pte Ltd has been appointed the commercial agent for Alseamar's Sea Explorer services in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Sea Explorer is a powerful autonomous underwater platform dedicated to collecting water column data profiles and capable of long endurance and range (thousand kilometres range, weeks to months of endurance)

Driven by changes in buoyancy, the vehicle silently glides without wings, facilitating launch and recovery operations, avoiding risks of entanglements and leaving zero environmental footprint.

The modular design allows fast and easy change of the payload by just replacing the vehicle nose cone, which offers large volume wet and hyperbaric sections.

Constant supervision and mission control from anywhere on the world is managed by an integrated hardware, software suite, as when the Sea Explorer surfaces, it transmits position and collected data, and receives mission commands via Iridium telemetry.

“This long range, high endurance AUV, capable of sampling a range of parameters including hydrocarbons, CTD, metal trace, sewage and pesticides, will be an extremely useful and efficient tool for the oil and gas, environmental and oceanographic sectors in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Subjunctive Geo's Martin Bawden.

For more information contact Martin Bawden.

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