Norwest: Oil discovery at Xanadu-1 confirmed Martin Kovacs, 25 Sep 2017

Norwest Energy, operator of TP/15 in the Western Australian northern Perth Basin, has advised that a suite of wireline logs over a 330 m section of the Xanadu-1 well have been acquired, with oil recovered to surface confirming the discovery.

The wireline logs, undertaken by Schlumberger, confirm reservoir-quality sand intervals throughout the Irwin River Coal Measures, with porosities ranging from 15 to 16%, Norwest advised.

Three discrete sand intervals (A, B and C) at the top of the Irwin River Coal Measures have log-derived hydrocarbon saturations in excess of 40%, Norwest stated, with oil pumped through from the A sand utilising the Schlumberger Saturn pressure and fluid sampling tool and three downhole samples collected.

Norwest stated that, based on the wireline log data, pressure points and recovered fluid samples, a lowest known oil depth of 871.8 m TVDSS has been established for the Xanadu field, and a highest known water depth of 880.2 m TVDSS.

“Results at Xanadu-1 indicate that the assumption of the producing Cliff Head oil field being the primary analogue are correct,” Norwest stated. “Cliff Head oil field has now produced over 15 MMbbl. Analysis of the oil samples obtained from Xanadu-1 is expected to substantiate this, with oil assay results expected by the end of the week.”

With Xanadu-1 not initially designed to be completed as a producing well, and with a better understanding of the stratigraphy, a sidetrack well similar to the Cliff Head-1 well “is considered an excellent option”, Norwest stated.

“After carefully considering the opportunity to drill Xanadu-2 immediately as an updip sidetrack well while the rig was still on location, the joint venture decided that by gathering more data, allowing the drilling team more time to plan and gather materials and tools, and by studying well completion and production options, a much more financially and technically robust outcome was likely,” Norwest stated. “The rig is currently in the process of suspending the well.

“Based on results, and armed with much greater knowledge, the joint venture is currently planning to drill an updip sidetrack appraisal well from the casing shoe, with the potential to be completed as a commercially producing well. The opportunity to also drill a horizontal production well from this location will be studied, with results depending on a final determination of reservoir and oil properties feeding into a production model and cash-flow forecast.”

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