Buru progressing to Ungani workover and drilling program Martin Kovacs, 26 Sep 2017

Buru Energy has reported that its workover and drilling program at the Ungani field in the Western Australian Canning Basin is on schedule, with the DDGT1 rig having completed the pre-drill maintenance program and being mobilised from Onslow to Ungani, with the mobilisation currently 50% completed.

Buru advised that the drill camp has been mobilised, with it operational at the Ungani production site, with well operations due to commence on October 1.

“The DDGT1 rig will first be positioned over the Ungani-1 well and will pull the current completion prior to running in the tubing string containing the electric submersible pump,” Buru stated. “Once this operation is completed, the rig will undertake the same program on Ungani-2. The overall program for the two wells is expected to take approximately 18 days.

“As part of the program, additional perforations will be undertaken on the upper part of the Ungani-2 reservoir, where a revised log interpretation suggests there is bypassed oil pay. If successful, this operation will provide additional flow potential and the potential for the recovery of local attic oil.”

Both wells will be shut-in while the workovers are undertaken, with work on the facility during the shut-in period to include installation of power supply and electrical systems for the electric submersible pumps, and the tie-in spools for the pumps installation and future facility debottlenecking, Buru stated, with bunding work for the new tanks to also be part of the phase two works, with the tanks expected to be commissioned in November.

“It has been a big effort for the team to get us to the start of the program in record time,” Buru Executive Chairman Eric Streitberg commented. “In the last month we have put all our approvals in place, mobilised the rig, and, of course, raised the money to undertake this program.

“The initial workover program to run the pumps in the existing wells should allow us to maintain and hopefully increase production from those wells, and successful wells at Ungani-4 and 5 will put us on the road to our target of 3,000 barrels of oil a day early next year.”

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